Saturday, December 31, 2011

Revived Love

My intense, slightly obsessive love for hamsters has been revived. I've been reading every website post I can about how to care for them, what is the best cage set up, illness's prominent in hamsters, and the different breeds and colors. The only thing I can't find is where to get a hamster. I know you can just go to a pet store but I've read a lot about gross containment and inhumane breeding. I just want to find a hamster to adopt or a good healthy place to get a hamster from.

I intend to get/use a long (four foot) plastic tote to keep my hamster safe and comfy. I have some ideas for bedding and food, even cute little decorations for the hamster's play time. I started out thinking I wanted a Dwarf Robo because they're super cute and tiny, but doing a little more research I found they are the more aggressive and not as good for first time owners. So, now I'm thinking about maybe a solid color Syrian, cinnamon or chocolate colored. =D I'd love to adopt though, so whatever I can find that needs a good home.

I don't even know where to post this other than here. Where do I find the right audience? Does Craig's list do animals? lol I have no idea but I'm going to keep looking for someone who needs an adoptive parent for their hamster. Squee! I'm so excited!!!

The next step is convincing the husband... =P