Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not So Deep Desires

There are plenty things in this world that everyone wants that may never happen - things they can't control. However, there are things we can work toward - things we can control to a point. Here are some of my not so deep desires that I am working toward.

Lo Temp Glue Gun
Wooden model mannikin
Hanging wall pocket
Ball magnets
Scrapbooking Pattern Pack "Earth"
Dark Brown Album
Mini calculator keyring
Foxface wallet
Stormbeater Umbrella (my best buddy broke my last one on accident)
Blue Medallion wax warmer
Fast Flats
Pure Ice "French Kiss" and "Jamaica me crazy"
Julie Kagawa Iron Daughter and Iron Queen
Ankle weights
Icecream maker
Lensatic compass
Hanging stars keyring
 Dwarf Hamster (plastic home, food dish/food, water bottle, lil chew things, rolling car)