Thursday, August 30, 2012

Suspecting not quite Expecting


I'm sitting here with my hubby watching LOTR Return of the King, Faramir has just be sent to his death and Pippin is singing. I find myself crying that any parent could be so heartless toward their children, even fictional parents and fictional children. Speaking of children, makes me want to mention that I've been having chest soreness, extra gassiness, and slight cramps. PMS? I think not! I suspect a different suspect.

A little one, maybe not even the size of a poppyseed as of yet, burrowing in my abdomen. Yes, indeed, they do begin by burrowing which is something I have learned recently. This burrowing sometimes causes slight bleeding. It can show up like a brownish tinge or a pinkish spotting on toilet tissue. This has recently happened to me (*SQUEE*) much too early to be my period. I'm excited and nervous about the prospect of a tiny being inside me growing and counting on me to take care of it. Not that we're expecting or anything! I just have my suspicions. Official testing happens next week if my period stays scarce. FX (fingers crossed)!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Late Night Ramblings

As the title might suggest, I cannot sleep and therefore need something to distract me from the husband's snoring. It's not very late, but I'm simply not in a sleeping mood. My emotions are... well, never mind.

The last post was left without closure and I'd like to assure you that we did indeed purchase a hamster. Though, most likely a female, I named it Wafuru (Japanese for waffle) with the idea that it was a boy and still call it a 'him'. He's a lovely dove color, short hair, and slightly shiny. Despite our slowly growing family, I feel there is still something missing. Maybe you can guess what a twenty two year old female about to graduate college might want to add to her family?

The husband and I are indeed trying to conceive and it gives me great pleasure (a-haha) to know that he's almost what I would call excited to have a baby. The difference comes when I want to plan and he seems to want to wait until I'm actually pregnant to do any planning. I can see this point. At the same time, I'm already emotional enough as it is, and when I become pregnant I'm sure this won't be one thing to change for the better. I'm aware, acutely, that hormones are involved with pregnancy, and would like to get as much out of the way as possible before they completely engulf my sanity. We've talked of names, nursery furniture, personality traits, facial features, experiencing firsts together, and other parents-expecting-a-baby-in-the-near-future things. With my fertility calculations (I sound like an eco hippie mom) I'm aiming for a May baby, 2013. June would be lovely as well. I'm pretty much all right with any healthy baby born in any month besides, December, February, July or August simply because of all the hassle of holidays and birthdays already crowding these days.
Just because I'm here and thinking about it I'll give you some ridiculous details that no one ever really wants to hear. I started charting fertility signs about the time I started prenatal vitamins:: in the middle of July. I'm getting pretty decent, I think, at knowing the signs and charting them on Very helpful site. For you curious women out there you can visit to some interesting, gory, but excellent information about charting such things. I've also been a regular of which is tied up with and Very neat sites for fiances, newlyweds, and those who want to grow their family. Lovely community there.

Interesting the way blogspot has changed since I was last on. It's been quite a few months, almost a whole year and they have done different things. I think somehow, it's linked with google which I didn't know. Separate note, it's only getting later and me more tired. I feel as though this is a bad combination. We've made new friends with some of our neighbors here on campus. Tomorrow before lunch, I'm doing a photoshoot (my first official one) for a family downstairs in the apartment complex. They have a beautiful two month old daughter Alana who needs pictures sent to grandparents. I'm quite excited! (Alana's Baby Blog) See, I recently had enough saved for a nice camera and bought one since our older one had too much fun at the beach. It's a lovely Nikon Coolpix L810, and I thoroughly enjoy all the settings and things I'm learning from photographer friends. Such as TJMarshallPhotography. She's simply wonderful and takes amazing pictures, with such intriguing skill for shots and editing.

I think I'm about done here. Not much else to say, I suppose. Good Night. Hopefully you'll find this when you're unable to sleep and it will make you feel much better about not being so alone. I think that might be my problem. Feeling alone. Though I know it to be fleeting, it still takes a toll on my heart. Devastating almost. Thanks for sticking around, anyway.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Revived Love

My intense, slightly obsessive love for hamsters has been revived. I've been reading every website post I can about how to care for them, what is the best cage set up, illness's prominent in hamsters, and the different breeds and colors. The only thing I can't find is where to get a hamster. I know you can just go to a pet store but I've read a lot about gross containment and inhumane breeding. I just want to find a hamster to adopt or a good healthy place to get a hamster from.

I intend to get/use a long (four foot) plastic tote to keep my hamster safe and comfy. I have some ideas for bedding and food, even cute little decorations for the hamster's play time. I started out thinking I wanted a Dwarf Robo because they're super cute and tiny, but doing a little more research I found they are the more aggressive and not as good for first time owners. So, now I'm thinking about maybe a solid color Syrian, cinnamon or chocolate colored. =D I'd love to adopt though, so whatever I can find that needs a good home.

I don't even know where to post this other than here. Where do I find the right audience? Does Craig's list do animals? lol I have no idea but I'm going to keep looking for someone who needs an adoptive parent for their hamster. Squee! I'm so excited!!!

The next step is convincing the husband... =P

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I finished yesterday night at 9:43pm. I validated on the NaNoWriMo site at 50,312 words. I'm happy. I most likely won't blog again until I die.

Friday, November 18, 2011

35 Characters

At this point in my NaNo, after 27k, which is miserably below my 32k goal for today, and 39 pages I have 35 named characters that play a specific part. I am a little disgusted with myself at having so many characters but taking them out would considerably shorten my plots, subplots, and word count. Although, already lacking I love my story and each character - except the bad ones of course, I hates them!

Anyway, Miotke has been kidnapped, her kidnappers have been kidnapped, there have been a sea monster, a shipwreck, fifty giant octopuses, blood-lusty natives, dragons, and now most recent is a dungeon torture chamber. Later we'll have a desert escape and some kind of desert beast attack, as well as a desert city hewn from the rock much like Petra with a runaway desert girl.

We'll have some happy endings, some twist endings, and some obvious endings. I love it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lost Track

Wow, I've lost track of time. Today is the halfway point of NaNoWriMo! I'm at 24,900 out of 25k. I'm personally shooting for 26k today. I only need 1.1k before midnight. I'll be rather pushed to get that done. I have work until six, class at seven thirty with a major test I need to study for, and then this evening I'm starting a workout program with a friend from nine to ten.
Yikes! Where does time go? I received care packages from my NaNo Swap partner and my parents - YAY! This month is half over and reeks of stress-filled holidays already! I'll be happy to not stress over Thanksgiving, but Christmas is another story. I need to focus and be determined now to not worry about the little things during that season.
Anyway, Jesus is Lord! God is on His throne! I am His child and He will take care of me!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Eight

Well, last night was almost a disaster. The computer was freaking out and by the time it decided to work the husband wanted to game a little. We did and when we got done dieing repeatedly I tried to catch up my last 900 words. Just barely made it and slept soundly afterward.

I don't have much to say today except that hopefully the kidnappers are going to be kidnapped by the end of today's 2k. Main character gets kidnapped by bandits and they all in turn get kidnapped by pirates. Maybe I'll post my general outline later this week.

This is all I have for today. Still loving NaNo and can't wait to munch on some dried mango this evening!!