Friday, November 18, 2011

35 Characters

At this point in my NaNo, after 27k, which is miserably below my 32k goal for today, and 39 pages I have 35 named characters that play a specific part. I am a little disgusted with myself at having so many characters but taking them out would considerably shorten my plots, subplots, and word count. Although, already lacking I love my story and each character - except the bad ones of course, I hates them!

Anyway, Miotke has been kidnapped, her kidnappers have been kidnapped, there have been a sea monster, a shipwreck, fifty giant octopuses, blood-lusty natives, dragons, and now most recent is a dungeon torture chamber. Later we'll have a desert escape and some kind of desert beast attack, as well as a desert city hewn from the rock much like Petra with a runaway desert girl.

We'll have some happy endings, some twist endings, and some obvious endings. I love it!

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