Thursday, August 30, 2012

Suspecting not quite Expecting


I'm sitting here with my hubby watching LOTR Return of the King, Faramir has just be sent to his death and Pippin is singing. I find myself crying that any parent could be so heartless toward their children, even fictional parents and fictional children. Speaking of children, makes me want to mention that I've been having chest soreness, extra gassiness, and slight cramps. PMS? I think not! I suspect a different suspect.

A little one, maybe not even the size of a poppyseed as of yet, burrowing in my abdomen. Yes, indeed, they do begin by burrowing which is something I have learned recently. This burrowing sometimes causes slight bleeding. It can show up like a brownish tinge or a pinkish spotting on toilet tissue. This has recently happened to me (*SQUEE*) much too early to be my period. I'm excited and nervous about the prospect of a tiny being inside me growing and counting on me to take care of it. Not that we're expecting or anything! I just have my suspicions. Official testing happens next week if my period stays scarce. FX (fingers crossed)!!

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