Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm putting up my posters this week to inspire me throughout November. I have my NaNoWriMo Angel, Porter Milo, standing guard over my soon to be bursting word count. He'll make sure I don't backspace any of those precious words. I also have my NaNo Survival Bag hanging nearby for daily word count rewards when I hit my 2k a day word goal. It's full of dried fruits and a few packs of gushers. Soon there will be Nips/Coffee Candy filling up any of the empty spaces there may be. I have a case of Welch's individually bottled juices in the freezer ready to be slushies and a small plastic jar of Pillsbury Fudge Frosting for those days I really need some motivation.

On my desk beside me I've printed off a copy of the most recent email from Lindsey Grant. It's a great calendar for daily goals and fun things to make sure and do during November. It's almost like a syllabus!

The husband is encouraging, though not joining as he feels his spelling is too atrocious for him to write 50k in a month. I don't blame him, bless his heart! I'm super excited about my NaNovel this month and know Miotke won't let me down. I'm planning on printing out my first Winner's Certificate before December! I'm almost done packaging up my first NaNoSwap for MJSawyer. I hope he enjoys it; just some candy and other silly stuff. I'm waiting for the Optimus Prime Transformer's keychain to ship in so I can ship it out. I know, I know, double shipping - but I wanted it in the same package as the other stuff!!

God bless you as you do whatever you do!

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