Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven and a Half Hours

National Novel Writing Month starts in under eight hours. Many WriMo's stay up until midnight all over the world, where ever they are, and start writing as soon as the bell tolls twelve. As it so happens I had planned to do the same. My initial plan was sleeping as much as possible since I thought school was cancelled for the Holiness Summit. However, I had four amazing holiness services to attend (I'm glad I did, I feel rejuvenated) and one still this evening.

The second step after sleeping was to blog. Here I am!! The third step in my Pre-NaNo schedule was "get some last minute homework done - as per usual - and go over my outline." HA! So far I haven't done any homework with the Holiness Summit going on and with this nasty head cold I doubt I'll do any this evening. I was thinking about drawing up my characters as I see them to keep me from writing too soon, and that might still happen. Right now I'm in the midst of my 4-6 DJ shift at the radio station. Making sure my desk was clear had been step six, and having my NaNo bag handy (full of my sweet treat rewards for this coming fiasco) is still a GO!

We don't really celebrate Halloween since I'm on a Holiness Bible College campus, but I might get my steampunk gear on and have a nerf gun/sword fight with the husband to keep me awake until midnight. He'll crash - I'll tappity tap away on my keyboard until I can't keep my eyes open.That might be sooner than initially planned with NyQuil zapping my system and hopefully this head cold/sinus infection. Even so, I'm super excited about November's events and hope to spend most evenings at Lela G's (campus coffee house) typing until my fingers wear off.

One of the blogs I've been visiting is Sebastian Malloy's bathysphere adventure check it out at
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