Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My NaNo this year is about a 25 year-old princess whose ailing father has bequeathed the entire kingdom to whoever of his two lovely daughters gets married first. Miotke, called Mio by her family, is the older of the two being sturdy and yet elegant in word and deed. Her younger sister Lilyblade, affectionately Lil or LB, is the more princess-ly of the two being willowy and timid.

Of course, the Main Female Character (MFC) must be independent or there wouldn't be much of a story. I mean, them only ever doing what they're told is rather boring and not at all inspiring. So Miotke, fed up with nobles flocking for her hand in marriage, runs away to let her emotions run wild in peace. At this point she meets Emory, who seems to be the Main Male Character (MMC) but he isn't. Emory's a pretty typical hermit, hates people and the world, wants to loose himself in nature - except that he's only 27. The MMC is Knight Dener Redstone pursuing Miotke under the guise of loving her.

This is the time where these seemingly random people get thrown together in a wild adventure crossing oceans and continents looking for adventure and freedom. Will Emory ever get rid of this over emotional yet independent female? Will Miotke find the freedom she's looking for, or will she be forever trapped in the role of princess? What are Dener's true feelings? What insanity will ensue?
Stay tuned for more Miotke this November!

I won't be posting actual excerpts for copyright reasons. I will post basic outline/paraphrases for you invisible people to enjoy. I love writing and am excited to blog my journey through NaNoWriMo next month. Sometime before the 1st I'll write some more about what I plan on doing for NaNo.

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